2tall.com isn't just another big and tall store selling jeans with elasticated waists and clothes your dad would wear.

We sell clothes for men who need extra length - not extra width. Exclusively for tall guys, we're owned and operated by tall guys, our models are tall guys, and our customers are real tall guys just like you.Here's what a few of them have to say:

"I'm probably just repeating what a lot of people are already saying but, finally a proper tall shop and with quality made clothes to boot!! You've made a tall skinny bloke very happy. Thank you"


"One problem of being this tall is getting trousers that fit. I get them made sometimes by this amazing website, 2tall.com - and no, I'm not getting paid to mention them. Unlike other sites that cater for tall people who are about 30 stone, they make them for people like me."

Peter Crouch

"You guys Rock! I received my first order of pants and loved them. The tall cards made me laugh, because I'm 7 feet tall and have my own set of cards that I hand out as well when questioned. The word is going out; "2Tall.com understands tall!!"

Tim, "The Tall Guy" - 7'0" / 213cm

"Having a 15 year old nicknamed “Legs” is a nightmare, especially when it comes to school trousers, so you have really saved the day. Had a nightmare trying to buy a pair of 30” waist with a 36” leg anywhere!! Thank you so much!!!"


"2tall.com is heaven sent! I hated shopping for clothes for so long. I am so happy that they fill that void - tall but not big. I've bought from them in the US and in the Netherlands. Never had issues with the shipping. It always arrived very timely."

Google Verified Customer Review

"If you're tall and slim rather than big and tall, this really is the go to place to shop. Almost everything I own is from here."

Martin - 6'10" / 208cm

"Hello. Just wanted to thank you for your brilliant website. I spent so many years trying to find long armed/legged clothes for my slim son and failed. But now my 6ft 8" son loves everything we get from your website. 100% success. As he goes off to university with a decent wardrobe at last...thank you."

Louise... a happy mum!

"Hi. I would just like to say thanks. Between my wife and I, I have just received my 4th order. I now have a rapidly expanding wardrobe of clothes that actually fit!! Normally I didn’t want to spend money on clothes that didn’t quite fit.. But thanks to your website I’m more than happy to spend more (yet very good prices) on clothes that actually fit me well. Thanks again."

Darren - 6'7" / 201cm

"2tall.com is the only store I have found in the UK to provide 40" leg with a 36" waist to fit my build. I will shop here from now on."

Google Verified Customer Review